With nature & Communities

Our Green pillars

We are committed to sustainability and conducting our business responsibly - protecting the natural environment and contributing to the communities we work with.


Our formulations are sourced with care and utmost consideration. From the moment plants are harvested and throughout their extraction and sourcing, we believe that the beauty sector can contribute positively to organic & ethical farming communities and suppliers. That's why Repo, supports projects such as the Alternative Livelihoods Project (PAL) supporting Afghan farmers.

Sustainable ingredients

We maintain high standards of product quality, as well as for social and environmental practices. One example is our use of organic & sustainable Sandalwood from Australia. Sadly some plants have been commercialised to the point of extinction which results in an unbalance of their eco-system. However, we only use sustainably harvested plants.

Transparency & Traceability

We also maintain our high standards in tracing practices. Although our ingredients are sourced from around the world we are still able to trace each and every one of them to responsible suppliers from known farming communities.

Promoting Fair & Ethical trading

Our responsible sourcing practices do not only promote organic, fair and ethical farming, they also create economic opportunities for communities along the supply chain.